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Sleep is the most important medicine of the hour

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Sleep, one of the vital aspects of survival for humans comes along with the basic needs which are needed for living. Today a major portion of people struggle with it, facing problems to obtain a thorough night's sleep. These may be both physical as well as the mental status of a person which will be affecting their sleep. Sleeping disorders, as well as insomnia, have become common problems a major percentage of humans face today. There is no doubt that sleep is an integral part of maintaining a healthy life. Moreover, a good night's sleep will help you rest and relax after a good day's work and be ready for the next day. After a good night's sleep, you will be rejuvenated and face the problem and the choice of the next day in a relaxed and stressful manner.

Sleep duration needs for different age groups

As per the estimated adults between the age group of 18 to 64 will require seven to nine hours of sleep during a day. Whereas people over 65 will need to take up seven to eight hours of sleep to get fully rested. This may vary for adults who have certain medical conditions and other health issues. In addition, considering the statistics on sleeping disorders around 10 to 30 percent of people suffer from acute insomnia, and a major percentage of them are being treated medically and certain others rely on alcohol and other drugs. Lack of proper sleep is also an issue which a major percentage of the population struggle with is getting up in between sleep cycles directly from a dream and having sleepless nights. Furthermore, snoring is also considered as sleep disruption and almost half the population in the world snore.

Another group of people who struggle with sleep are school children as well as babies due to several reasons which are both internal, external, physical as well as mental. Babies need almost 12- 17 hours of sleep a day and pre-school children need almost 10- 13 hours of sleep. For school-aged kids, this may be kept between 9-11 hours. Additionally, it's estimated that around 25 percent of children suffer from sleeping issues, and around 70 percent of children with attention or hyperactivity disorder face sleeping issues. As we are clear on the prescribed sleep requirements of the different age groups let's now move on to understand how much sleep we need actually? in the next section.

How much sleep do we need?

It's well known that you should at least sleep for more than 7-8 hours a day to keep yourself healthy and many of you have tried to research this aspect and have found it's the same. Some have gone the extra mile on searching how to sleep 8hrs in 4 hrs? on Google and YouTube. Is it true that you should sleep 8 hours a day? is an another aspect that many have researched. The sleep requirement for a person depends on his or her health, daily activities, profession, other health conditions, circumstances they live in, and the based on the region. The mentioned sleeping duration based on age in the above section is not the optimum level but the acceptable standards by many of the health organizations across the world.

In your research to find out how many hours of sleep do you require initially you should analyze yourself that are you sufficient with the sleep you have now and are you feeling tired during the day which may be due to the lack of sleep. Further your consumption habits of alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs as well as food affect your sleep cycles. In addition, your screen times should also be considered and it is vital during this era of the pandemic as many are bound to their computer screens based on their profession. Moreover, your travel details, as well as your daily commute and the working on machinery that you use during your day, can also impact your sleep. Additionally, your night sleep will depend on the afternoon and the evening naps you take which will interfere with the night sleep as you have been rested briefly during the day.

How to get good sleep?

Getting a good night's sleep has become a struggle for many and you must have Googled at least once to know how to sleep fast? Many practiced methods will adhere to a good night's sleep for you however, you should find out which ones are practical to you and are helpful for you. This is because one templated way won't work for every person and the factors mentioned previously on the blog will differ for all. Anyway, you should make sleep a priority in the good life as a good night's sleep helps you go on the next day and regular good night's sleep is associated with various health benefits. Here are certain best practices methods that can be used to obtain a good night's sleep. Choose the ones which are best suitable and capable for you.

Say no to phones or screen times before sleep

The blue light emitted from screens will disrupt your sleep and cause sleep disorders. The blue light emitted from any electronic devices, your phones, tablets, computer screens, and television will affect your sleep. Therefore your screen time should be cut at least 2 hours before you get to bed. Practicing your blue light exposure reduction during evening and night by different tools such as wearing a glass which will block the blue light. Furthermore, the applications for your mobiles as well laptops will be helpful.

Mind your caffeine

Caffeine has numerous benefits such as enhancing your focus as well as energy and your activity levels which is beneficial during the day or when you have to stay away. However, it is not a remedy during your night or evening and studies have described that caffeine has an impact for up to 6 hours after consumption. Therefore, your evening coffee will also have an impact on your sleep.

Choose your best time to sleep

The best time to sleep will be different for all based on their livelihood activities, climatic conditions, and family aspects. Therefore, find a suitable time for you to sleep and try to be consistent. Furthermore, irregular sleep timing will affect your sound sleep and will get into waking up in between your sleep. If you follow a regularized schedule for your sleep you will get sleepy at the right time and wake up even without your alarm rigging and say goodbye to your sleep disorders.

Mind your surroundings

The sleep you get is directly proportional to how good your bedroom is on aspects such as cleanliness, the comfort of your head, back, and neck, external sounds, light as well as the smell, and temperature. Therefore, it is essential to keep your bedroom tidy and at suitable temperatures and other conditions suitable to you.

Have control over your dinner and late light snacks

It's well-advised not to eat right before bed as you may feel full and impact your sleep. The avoidance of late light snacks which are of high calorific value will be also helpful. Moreover, it's better to keep your dinner or the meal before you sleep on the lighter side of calories involved as it aids in sound sleep.

These are the certain aspects of the main methodologies and practices which can be followed for a good night's sleep throughout your life. As sleep is one of the basic needs of any human for survival as well as for moving forward every person should be considering it as a priority over any other aspects of both personal as well as professional life.

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