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Self talks: How positive and negative self talks define your success and of you have a better life!

We often find ourselves in many adverse situations, which go right after following our intuitions. How you talk to yourself defines your level of confidence in any situation. Your being confident, anxious or sad depends on the type of self talks you have with yourself. A positive self talk can heal your mind and offer you a better life, whereas a negative one will make you feel anxious and lead you towards depression.

Self talk
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Self talks are the internal dialogues you have with your subconscious mind. Talking to yourself reveals your often not discovered ideas, thoughts and perceptions. The type of talks you are going to have with yourself depends mostly on how you look at the world, how your views on people, your life events, the social bubble you may be in and your ways of reacting to them.  

From the time of hunter gatherers to us of being the explorer of the universe, the criteria of success has been changed throughout evolution. But the ultimate goal of all these achievements revolves around the sole target of us being happy. But can you guarantee that we in the 21st century are more happy than a hunter gatherer band? This is the question, Yuval Noah Harrari has asked in his book "Sapiens: A brief history of humankind"

Success is a very relative concept. But in any concept you are following, success demands hard work, perseverance and patience. Your intuitions have a lot to do in your journey. The  talks you have with yourself have a lot to do on your being successful. Optimism is a crucial criteria in the journey to success. Try to have a habit of positive self talks and replace any negative self talk with a positive one instantly. 

Negative Self Talk: 

Most of the self talks we have are negative self talks. Overthinking is our favourite pastime. The analysis you do inside your mind after an awkward situation is mostly actually towards the negative side of it. You have thoughts like “ am I not good enough”, “Did i do any wrong”, “I am always a failure”, “nothing positive ever happens in my life” or “I cannot do anything right”. These are the triggers of anxiety. We often remember the negative experiences over the positive ones. Our brain functions in this way. Whenever you start having such negative self talks, try to overcome them with some positive self talks. 

Positive self talks: 

Positive self talks are all about filling yourself with compassions focussing only on the positive side of any event. Feeling good about yourself, appreciating yourself for even the smallest achievement and to be optimistic are the needs of the hour. Negative self talks will surely try to feel your mind, your duty is to divert them with the positive sides of everything. You can talk you yourself like “It was Ok, but yes could be better”, “Failure is ok, it's a learning experience, but I will try even harder next time”, Life is a game, “as there are negativity so are the positivity” or “I tried, maybe it didn't happen, but next time for sure I am gonna make it”.

Role of self talks on success and to have a better life:

Hard work, passion and dedication are not enough to achieve success. A calm mind with an optimistic attitude is the driving force. Thoughts that are being run inside of your mind will reflect on your behaviour. If you always have negative thoughts overpowering inside your mind, you will never get the confidence to face real situations. Our life is all about actions and the reactions we have towards them.

You are your best friend. The way you know yourself, nobody else can understand you better. Self talk is the best way of analysing your life happenings. Spend enough time with yourself. This is very important. Self talk is the best way of understanding yourself. You will start having a better life once you start knowing yourself better.


Self talking is a perfect healer. Both positive and negative self talk will try to fill your mind. Your goal is to switch to positive self talking once you start having negative self talks. 

When you get to know yourself better, you will start seeing improvements in your life. Eventually you will be led towards a better life.

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