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Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up : Know How to Keep Yourself Going When You Feel Like Giving Up!

Whenever you plan to start something new – you start with a lot of determination! You are so much dedicated and committed that you invest your time, money and energy into it. Infact, you’re ready to take up any challenge or face any adventure that comes your way. But over time, when you keep putting efforts and don’t get the desired output, this determination starts to fade away. It becomes harder and harder to sustain things to achieve the goals. It is at this time that you choose to give up!

We don’t always get to experience the best things in life. We’re here to experience life’s pleasures as well as sorrows. We usually tend to feel extremely delighted when we achieve things in life. But many a times, life can be downright, unexpected, and extremely sad. You might be pushing yourself and working hard for something, but things won’t work accordingly. Maybe you have failed or obtained low grades in exam, or didn’t clear an interview, or ended a relationship, or lost someone dear to you: the only thought that usually floods your mind is the thought of giving up!

Why Do You Feel Like Giving Up?

1. You Have Suffered a Loss:

Suppose you have been after a passion since your childhood, and you even quit your job to follow your passion but could not get upto the mark in achieving goals required to fulfil that passion. Your business ideas failed! In such a situation, you get broke and feel like you need to give up. Losing someone close to you or breaking up with someone is one of the toughest situations where you don’t even feel like continuing in life. Nothing can really fill this gap.

2. You feel That You Are Not Giving Your Best:

Suppose you prepared well for an event but didn’t win it up. It may be studying, exercising, trying to lose weight, or working hard for a promotion at your job. If you feel that you’re not good enough, you often feel low and tend to think of giving up. You never know how close you are towards winning. But there is always a possibility that you can put some more efforts and win it all.

3. You Feel That You Can Never Get Something You’re Longing For:

Suppose you have started your own business and that does not give you profit according to your expectations, you have broken a relationship and feel you can never get back love in your life, or you have completed your studies but you’re not finding a job. If you fail in doing something that is of primary importance to you, you feel like you can never do it in life and you feel like giving up.

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up?

Everyone experiences crests and troughs in life but sometimes, you feel like just quitting everything and it becomes really hard to choose whether you should give up or continue to hustle. There are some Substantial Changes you can bring about to change your low feelings and reorganize your mind. Reading this will help you focus on your goals and make right decisions rather than giving up.

1. Just Think About the Reason Why You Started:

Realize the purpose of your struggle! Before quitting any task, you need to go back to the time when you planned to start this adventure. The dream for which you were so excited that you came out of your comfort zone and were ready to compromise even your sleep to get to it. There was a time when, for some reason you started something big and took decisions that were risky too. You did not start to end up something this way. You need to sit down reassess the reasons for your start: Think about the improvements that have happened since you started. Think if you can hold on to your dream a bit longer just as a tribute to the sacrifices you have made. If those reasons still hold good, then you should not be quitting.

2. Review Your Progress: You Might be Very Close to Your Goal:

Many a times, we don't get the desired results immediately. But it is not sensible to quit something very quickly just because you are not getting the results immediately. If you quit something without reviewing its progress, you will always regret that you could have waited a bit more. You might be very close to achieving your goals, but you might not be realizing it. It is best to consider giving a realistic amount of time to achieve your goal. Before quitting, it is important to think properly whether you need to give up or give it more time rather than having to regret after quitting.

3. Remember That Everyone Has to Go Through This Phase of Life:

Starting something on your own and coping up with the emerging challenges is not an easy task. You might be assuming that it is your shortcoming and lack of ability that you are unable to succeed in your aspirations. But the fact is that every person in this world has been through all this. Even an extremely talented and famous person has gone through this phase and overcome various challenges to come up in life. Don’t feel that you are incapable or less talented. Instead, give your best and don’t quit by thinking that you won’t be able to make it up.

4. Adopt Fragmentation: Divide a Big Tasks into Smaller Fragments:

It is never an easy task to handle a big project all at once. Trying to attempt too much at a time can become a hectic task. It is much easier to work on a project if it is broken down into smaller fragments. It is important to plan your work because planning helps you to stay on track. It is important to divide your project into simple parts because when you focus on one part at a time, your whole focus will be on one part, you will complete it within stipulated time with a greater efficiency, and you will have a sense of satisfaction with each part you complete.

5. List Your Roadblocks:

Always aim at overcoming your fears and roadblocks. Whenever you feel that you might not be able to keep up your hustle and feel like giving up, simply start making a list of the major barriers that that are preventing you from reaching your goal. Also start thinking of ways to overcome these barriers. With each barrier you overcome, you will feel more relieved and step closer to your goal. This will help you regain your confidence and give you the encouragement to move on rather than quitting.

6. Accept Opportunities - You Don’t Get a Second Chance:

The struggle you are going through to achieve your dreams might be an opportunity that God has provided just for you. You just have to put in your efforts to get the most out of it. Consider each of your failures as a new opportunity through which you can gain success. If you miss the opportunities and unknowingly make a mistake of giving up on your aspirations, you never know whether you can ever get a chance again to fulfil your dreams. So, learn to accept your failures and rectify your mistakes but never accept defeat and start quitting.

7. There is a Lifetime to Keep Trying:

When you are on the verge of achieving something and things go wrong, it is not an immediate sign that you are doing wrong, or you are going to lose. Many of us feel that if we don’t get positive results soon, it is obvious that it is not working out. But that’s not the case. Good things actually take time, and we must be ready to wait for it. There is a lifetime to keep trying on our dreams. So never take decisions in a hurry.

Final Thoughts:

Remember! You Are a Warrior. You Need to Keep Going!

You are a strong person because you have an ambition in life and that’s the reason why you chose to do something different in life. You took risks and had the courage to face challenges and have seen better and worst days all the way through this journey. Stop worrying and keep trying different strategies to achieve your goals and fulfil your aspirations. You must not take a back step thinking that it is hard to sustain and impossible to move forward because “Hard Situations Build Strong People”.

Always keep moving forward and hope that good things are coming your way. Don’t give up just because you have a bad chapter in your life. Life is full of twists and turns. You never know what surprise you’re going to get next. Keep trying, cling to your goals, and always believe in yourself.

Don’t lose hope and give up. Instead, dream of the bigger goal towards which you’re aiming from the start. You’re going to get something big going forward. Keep Going!!!

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I ended up here because I was trying to get some inspiration in order to not give up . And after reading this post, I feel so full of peace. Thanks a lot of sharing this! God bless you 🙏🏼


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