Read This If You Feel Like Giving Up : Know How to Keep Yourself Going When You Feel Like Giving Up!

Whenever you plan to start something new – you start with a lot of determination! You are so much dedicated and committed that you invest your time, money and energy into it. Infact, you’re ready to take up any challenge or face any adventure that comes your way. But over time, when you keep putting efforts and don’t get the desired output, this determination starts to fade away. It becomes harder and harder to sustain things to achieve the goals. It is at this time that you choose to give up!

We don’t always get to experience the best things in life. We’re here to experience life’s pleasures as well as sorrows. We usually tend to feel extremely delighted when we achieve things in life. But many a times, life can be downright, unexpected, and extremely sad. You might be pushing yourself and working hard for something, but things won’t work accordingly. Maybe you have failed or obtained low grades in exam, or didn’t clear an interview, or ended a relationship, or lost someone dear to you: the only thought that usually floods your mind is the thought of giving up!

Why Do You Feel Like Giving Up?

1. You Have Suffered a Loss:

Suppose you have been after a passion since your childhood, and you even quit your job to follow your passion but could not get upto the mark in achieving goals required to fulfil that passion. Your business ideas failed! In such a situation, you get broke and feel like you need to give up. Losing someone close to you or breaking up with someone is one of the toughest situations where you don’t even feel like continuing in life. Nothing can really fill this gap.

2. You feel That You Are Not Giving Your Best:

Suppose you prepared well for an event but didn’t win it up. It may be studying, exercising, trying to lose weight, or working hard for a promotion at your job. If you feel that you’re not good enough, you often feel low and tend to think of giving up. You never know how close you are towards winning. But there is always a possibility that you can put some more efforts and win it all.

3. You Feel That You Can Never Get Something You’re Longing For:

Suppose you have started your own business and that does not give you profit according to your expectations, you have broken a relationship and feel you can never get back love in your life, or you have completed your studies but you’re not finding a job. If you fail in doing something that is of primary importance to you, you feel like you can never do it in life and you feel like giving up.

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up?

Everyone experiences crests and troughs in life but sometimes, you feel like just quitting everything and it becomes really hard to choose whether you should give up or continue to hustle. There are some Substantial Changes you can bring about to change your low feelings and reorganize your mind. Reading this will help you focus on your goals and make right decisions rather than giving up.

1. Just Think About the Reason Why You Started: