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NASA replies to trolls regarding their sarcastic reply against Chandrayaan 2 mission ~ FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched Chandrayaan 2 on July 22 of 2019.After USA,Russia and China, India became the fourth nation launching such programme.

NASA also congratulated ISRO on the successful launch.NASA wrote "Congrats to ISRO on the launch of Chandrayaan 2, a mission to study the moon.WE are proud to support your missions comms using our deep space network and look forward to what you learn about the lunar South Pole where we will send our astronauts on our #Artemis mission in a few years"But people are smelling some sarcasm on NASAs tweet.

As these tweets started trending on twitter,NASA also replies back with a tweet.NASA writes"We're proud to support international exploration missions & see what they learn.The principle of global cooperation is one of our guiding philosophies.Such collaboration is essential to broadening human knowledge by answering profound questions about our place in the cosmos".

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