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Mind your eating habits and What you eat?

Eating is the one activity which we all love. No matter how much we eat we never feel satisfied and will never stop until we feel exhausted. No matter what diet you will fall into, temptations will always drive you to have a cheat meal now and then. Further on going this cheat meal becomes a regular one. As the saying goes it always starts with a scoop of ice cream and all your dieting plans fall into a ditch. All the comfort foods or most of the ones fall into the category of junk foods as well as the ones which will not fall into any diet plan.

You indeed are what you eat and by following a lethargic diet high in calories as well as sweeteners combined with a low level or nil exercise regimen you will be obese as soon as possible. Mindful eating is what most people lack today as most of us are in a hurry to fill out stomachs and grab all the calories they want. The pandemic situation has changed at least certain people's mindsets. This is because they are working from their homes and have a humongous amount of time for themself where they can prepare their food. In addition, the consumption of lower levels of junk food and outside eating has provided the capability for many to follow mindful and healthy eating ways in their lives.

The two good eating habits that almost every elder says is that you should eat quickly and never eat before taking a bath. Although there are the beliefs which have been followed from long before, there is also a scientific reason to it as faster eating will eliminate the risk of weight being gained. In addition, taking a bath after your stomach is full will tamper with digestion and will cause other mild health problems if you continue with it. For everyone, the aspect of healthy eating differs according to their body type, physical and mental conditions, allergies, deficiency, and region in which they live. However, there are certain aspects which almost everybody can follow up to a certain percentage in their lifestyle.

Do I have to follow a diet to be eating mindfully?

The answer is no. It's evident from our ancestors and predecessors that they led a healthy lifestyle with a higher range of lifespan than us without following a regime of diets such as keto, vegan, vegetarian, intermittent fasting, and many more. I am not suggesting that these are all not good practices as they are and have worked out for many. This doesn't mean that you have to follow it to have a healthy life.

Our grandparents and great-grandparents had the same food that we have but with better quality and they were not following any regime, they stuck to the basics and ate when they were hungry. It's always better to stick with the basics and be distributive in your eating choices.

How can we practice healthy eating?

The aspect of eating mainly depends on your lifestyle if you are a person who depends on the tea shop for your morning breakfast or has certain fruit during your lunch or only eats a home-cooked meal anyway with certain changes in the way you eat as well as your lifestyle you will be able to rule out bad eating habits in your life. Here are certain aspects which you can follow to bring certain healthy eating habits to your lives.

Prepare your meals well

If you are a person who cooks and prepares your meals for the entire day or your breakfast or for dinners you have the choice to choose your food. As most working professionals prepare their meals and store them in refrigerators and microwaves them at times, healthy meal preparation can be easily followed by them. Choosing enough plant-based meals along with protein-rich foods such as eggs and meat cooked more healthily and appropriately will be helpful. In addition, following the basics of meal preparation of mixing and matching with the aspects of a balance in nutrients as well as vitamins can aid to your healthier lifestyle.

Bring in rotation of varieties

Do not be bound to the same dishes or formats. You should always rotate as well as mix up the type of foods and drinks so that you never get bored and will be excited to follow it. You can replace one vegetable or a form of meat with another or else you can entirely change the operation method to always ensure that you go the right way.

Go for fruits over other snacks

Fruits are a greater source of nutrients and rich in minerals as well as vitamins which are needed for the body. Although everybody knows that fruits are better than having fries or other packaged foods as snacks, most of us tend to prefer these junk foods. You should always fill your storage as well as refrigerators with more fruits and vegetables. If you're working from home, having a couple of fruits at the reach of your hand helps you to have it more and the tendency to eat it increases. In addition, you can also experiment with juices, smoothies as well as fruit shakes which will allow you to get all the nutrition that you need.

Exercise and maintain a routine

Crafting a routine for a lethargic way of living is quite hard and it's one of the key elements in ruining a healthier lifestyle in your life. Bring in exercising regimes as well as workout sessions into your day and you will instantly see the changes. It elevates your body to newer levels and provides you with confidence as well as mindfulness crafting a good life for you automatically.

Why does it matter whether you eat healthily or not?

Let me get one thing straight, your body looks and forms based on what you eat. You eat high-calorie fast foods and consume a lot of soft drinks. You will look fat and with numerous internal organs being affected. If you follow a diet where you eat mindfully and stick to the basic principles and crafts routine out of your day you will be fit and will be rewarded with longevity.

What you eat is also associated with your risk of getting a disease as well as the mental health of each person. The aspect of food consumption differences in different age groups and the healthy eating habits for children will be the need for nutrients and vitamins which will aid for the development of their brain, physical body as well as provide them with enough energy to keep up with the hurdles of both physical as well as mental form. Whereas in the case of eating habits during pregnancy you will need to cater for both the child and the mother and should be followed based on the instructions of doctors, dieticians as well which will bring out the baby to be healthy and energetic.

Indian eating habits differ from almost all parts of the world and within each state. Our dishes have a thick consistency as well as the oil involved both in non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian diets are in high amounts no matter which region we are from. But the amount of oil content in our food is needed for Indians due to the climatic conditions we live in. However, any region which you live in or what diet you follow the following aspects on it should entirely depend on you.

On the bottom line, you should be able to decide what mindful eating means for you and which all foods are you comfortable with. It will be depending on your physical and mental conditions, the region in which you live, and which all food products are available to you.

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