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How Shahrukh Khan became 'The Shahrukh Khan'?

In today’s times, there would be hardly any Indian who isn’t aware about the king of Bollywood. He has ruled over both Bollywood and hearts for decades now and everyone thinks only his charm brought him there. Hereby, today we put some light on his struggling days, childhood, and more.

Born on 2nd of November 1965, his father was an activist during the british rule in India. Namely, Meer Taj Mohammad Khan, his dad was absolutely loving to him and his mom Mrs. Lateef Fatima completed the loving family. Shah Rukh Khan is half pathani and half hyderabadi. His schooling was done in Delhi where he stood out in both sports, academics and other activities.

Since an early time, he has been passionate about drama. He used to be in theatre groups and enact for days. He even got a lot of acting gigs purely out of talent. And soon, he started being in the National School of Drama learning his dream art. Passion took him to several places but life was not any easy for him.

He faced his mother’s demise at a young age along with his father’s early death due to cancer. This brought him to face terrible days. When he came to Mumbai in order to pursue his dreams, he had no one. No one to guide him or be with him. But his will and love for his art made him reach heights of success. You see, this is why greats often say, do what you love. All the struggles will merely be a challenge.

Shah Rukh Khan
Source: Unplash

In several interviews, Shah Rukh Khan has talked about his struggling days where he would sleep on pavements, work for low rates, and more. But all his efforts showed him results as he grabbed his first gig in “Dil Dariya” in 1988 and then "Fauji" which became a major hit among people. He did mini films, tv serials until he finally grabbed a film - “Deewana” in 1992. And thereafter, he never looked back.

With “Dil Aashna Hai”, “Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman”, “Chamatkar” and more, he continued wooing the audience and taking their hearts away. He started being acknowledged and appreciated. But it was not easy to be in the eyes of the audience all the time with good content. In many of his interviews, he states that he did several rejected roles just to earn some money and keep doing what he wants to do. Life wasn’t easy and he had to look for work constantly.

In times like these, what separates a legend from a mediocre person is mere will. How badly do you want it? While Shah Rukh Khan today rules everyone’s hearts, he chose to fight for his passion. He chose to not give up and keep doing what he liked. Soon with “Anjaam”, “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge”, “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”, “Dil Toh Pagal Hai”, he became the talk of the youth. He kept on giving big hits with movies like “Kal Ho Na Ho”, “Veer Zara”, “Devdas”, “Mohabbatein”, “Chak De India”,

“Don” etc. A lot of people abroad today know India as the place where this actor belongs.

He today not only is popular all over the nation but across the nations. He has even stayed among the tops in several lists like richest celebrity alive, or Forbes list etc. He holds several awards for his brilliant works till now. Today along with his wife Gauri Khan and three kids, he lives peacefully in Mumbai while continuing his amazing work.


In life, we all face tragedies, terrible fate and bad days. But if you have the will, passion and courage, you will get through the tough days no matter what. Shah Rukh Khan’s terrible days of loneliness, poverty, uneasiness was all worth it when he got his first gig. Although the journey was still tough, there were still a lot of challenges, he did not give in.

His life journey inspires millions of people today to dream. Dream like you got wings and fight like you want to fly really high. Today, aspiring actors all over the world look up to him. They dream of being like him and keep the faith in them alive just because he chose to keep it alive. If any of the great people today would have given up, there wouldn’t be stories to inspire people to rise above mediocrity and do better.

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