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How having an online community is the biggest strength you can have!

How having an online community is the biggest strength you can have!

We are at the edge of a revolution. Artificial intelligence is going to overpower everything. Physical world is going to change a lot. Cyborg, humanoid and artificial intelligence will create the future society. Communities are going to be in complete virtual mode. In such a scene, the real powerful person will be someone having a large community online. is a great platform to create communities online. You can create your own community too around your interests.

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Humans are social animals. Even from the days of childhood, we start finding ourselves being part of different societies at various stages of our life by either knowingly or unknowingly. 21st century millennials are very lucky. We are the first generation that got introduced to the online community thing. We are the first generation that saw the social media wave, the YouTube saga and the bubble of entrepreneurship. Being around a community of people better than you is the best way of improving yourself.

Having an online community is the biggest strength you can have:

1. Self improvement:

The best promise you can do to yourself is the promise of improving yourself daily. As Naval says, self improvement is the real god of the 21st century. The best way to improve yourself is by reading books. Books are your best friends. Make a habit of reading books. This will improve your life to a great extent. It says that 5 people around you determine your life situations. The probability of your being successful depends a lot on the surroundings you are in. Whether real or virtual, the community you are in determines a lot of your probability of getting success. Having a great online community is the best way to improve yourself.

Join the community with the best minds onboard:

2. Instant Help:

You got stuck in a physics problem, you have your exam tomorrow. What will you do? You have an option to call your coaching teacher. That's a good idea. But imagine if you are part of a community of amazing people. You just have to drop your doubts on the platform and thousands of people along with your fellow students start replying to your doubts. Thats awesome I think. You can also be a part of such a community. Just click the link below.

Join the community with the best minds onboard:

3. Great people around:

You cannot choose your surroundings in the physical world. Virtual world appears as a rescuer here. You can create the community you want or can join any of the existing communities. Most of us are not that privileged to have a community of great achievers in the real world. Virtual world is the solution here. You can connect with anyone you admire and also can be part of the community.

Join the community here:


Data is the new oil. The future economy will depend mostly on data. Online presence of the Indian population will reach great heights in a near short span of time. Online communities will be the replacements of the present Indian societies. The best thing about an online community is the flexibility of being around people from different cultures, fields and even nationalities.

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