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How Gardening Is Beneficial In The Treatment Of Mental Disorders:

Importance of Gardening

We all know how plants and trees plays important role in our lives. Gardening not only makes good visual appeal but also spreads positivity and soothes our souls. We were taught from childhood what is the importance of gardening and planting. It makes the surroundings beautiful and helps you breathe good air whenever you are around trees. Some research has found out the positive impact of gardening because of which certain patients are told to practice it at home. It acts as a therapy that is used to calm patients who have anger issues. Other than this, people with depression, heart disease, stress issues, post-disaster, and many more problems can also be cured if gardening is added to their day to day life. Gardening makes you do physical exercise which is good for your health and helps in maintaining your strength. It makes you feel fresh, light and helps you release the tension, and acts as a stress buster.

Why Gardening is Important for You?

The practice of growing plants is been followed for decades. Growing plants for domestic as well as business use is a smart way to beautify the surroundings and add more positivity. Farming involves labor, intensive care, and other agricultural machinery. But growing plants in a backyard or in front of hotels is a completely different thing. Plants are not only important for humans, animals, and insects but they also help in filtering the air and add freshness to our lives. Gardening and horticulture are now being suggested for inner peace and maintaining a healthy mental stage.

Here are some ideas which you can use to keep yourself close to nature and can enjoy gardening wherever you are:

Gardening can be classified broadly into two categories.

*Vertical Garden Designs

We have heard the term “Green Walls”, these are great examples of vertical gardening. Due to less space, Vertical garden designs are in high demand now. Making a garden in office and home residence is not adjustable for everyone because of the lack of space. To follow the passion of gardening it is made easy with vertical gardens.

For Green Walls design, small pots are attached to the vertical support which contains sand and is used to plant small plants which not only gives the modern touch but also keeps you attached to nature. The idea of vertical garden designs is been used since ancient times. Today it is been used to set up the garden without engaging more space and to add a pop of natural things. Vertical gardening designs are used on a high scale in flat systems because of the scarcity of space.

This technique can be used in the office as it can be implemented inside the rooms and also enhances the overall look of the office. Using this idea you can have peace while working. We have to maintain just one panel of all plants, this is the major advantage of Vertical Garden Design.

*Residential Gardening

The main example of residential gardening is kitchen gardening. That is growing herbs and vegetables which are mostly used in everyday cooking. The kitchen garden is completely different from normal gardening. It does not need to be arranged in a particular way, it is just made for domestic household use.

Making the house look more attractive and add greenery to the surround is a major reason why people are looking to add a garden to their homes. We all are surrounded by the community garden and lawns, but having one at home adds much excitement plus you stay connected to the plants and can spend enough time in the garden.

How gardening is important for your health and environment?

Planting more trees means creating a healthy environment. Growing your own garden, you can contribute to making this world greener and safer. Gardening helps in improving the airflow and makes the surroundings full of fresh air. Gardening at your home means you know what you are using while it's maintenance. The fewer chemicals you use, the more convenient it becomes for the environment. Growing plants and vegetables organically gives you natural and fresh food to eat and also promotes a good service towards making Healthy Environment. Gardening prevents the soil from erosion and helps to grow useful insects. As per scientific studies, it is found out that mycobacterium found in the soil helps in improving the functions of the brain.

Nourishing your soil with natural products and using less disinfectant are some common and easy-to-do things that make your body as well as environment healthy.

Let's talk about the Pros and cons of Gardening.

*Pros of Gardening:

Helps to decrease stress level.

Arranging the pots and watering plants make you do some workouts.

Staying near plants and soil improves the immune system.

Maintaining good mental health is a major pro of Gardening.

Builds strength and boosts up your energy.

It heals the soul and mind.

You can practice it at any age.

*Cons of Gardening:

Gardening has more benefits than cons. But to tell some, here are a few cons which can occur by Gardening.

You have to stay engaged daily in Gardening work.

Needs to maintain the fertilizers, irrigation, and regular cuttings.

Working with sand may irritate your skin.

If you are new to Gardening, you may lose plants due to insufficient knowledge.

Chemicals or disinfectants used in Gardening can react on your skin.

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