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How adolescence can affect mental health conditions.

Adolescence and mental health:

Adolescence is a completely different phase when a person goes through various changes. These changes affect everyone differently. Physical maturity, emotional changes, and a lot more things bring on changes in their mind. The person may have different interests, mood swings, attractions, and emotions in this phase.

Hormonal changes take place in adolescence which directly affect the temperament of a person. The changes which keep coming in this time may give rise to an unstable mental health condition. This period of time makes the individual act differently which ultimately results in their behavior. We can see children when comes in adolescence age clash with their parents, tries to enact others and a few also try to change their friend circle.

They become more conscious about their look, society, how someone judges them, and many other evaluations. These thoughts give rise to stress and concern about every small thing. Other than this, anxiety and depression take place at this age which is highly unnoticed by their parents because of a lack of awareness.

Reasons for mood swings in adolescence:

Children's brains take time to develop. In the age of adolescence, their brain undergoes various changes. This results in diverse nature changes, choices, and ways of reacting. The immature brain is the reason why children show a major change from the age of 13 to 19. At this age, they are more tend to get attracted to everything they see. Their needs, behavior, and thinking capabilities keep converting which we call mood swings.

Emotional and social changes are equally responsible for the changing behavior of children. Making their place in society, and proving themselves right in front of others are everyday things that children try to do at this age. And when they fail to do it they suffer from stress and depression. That's the reason why they can get angry very easily and similarly feel overjoyed when they get what they desire. Thinking ability in this phase should be in good condition as it defines how they will react in certain situations.

This phase of life is considered the most important and life changing point because what children will learn at this age will reflect in their coming future. Parents need to give extra attention to their children at this age. They should be aware of the facts of adolescence. Giving them the right options, teaching correct manners, and understanding their point of view are some of the important things parents should do for their children. This is the age when they should be taught about their individuality, growth, appropriate behavior, and safety guidelines.

How to promote good mental health in teenagers:

Below given are the few things all parents should follow. These are simple yet effective factors promoting the healthy mental condition of their children in adolescence.

1. Appreciate. Yes, appreciation plays a supreme role in children's mental health conditions. A little admiration can encourage them and give them positivity.

2. Have good family time with each other. Have a conversation sitting next to them and know what's happening in their life.

3. Motivate them to share their problems instead of letting them build up.

4. Interact with their friends, school teachers, and people with whom they are attached on regular basis.

5. Ensure you make them physically active to promote good health, energy, and activity.

6. Last but not the least, show them that you truly love and care about them. Express your feelings and maintain a healthy bond.

Signs which can tell you that teenagers might need help with mental health:

1. Fear of going to school and interacting with new people.

2. Changes in temperament and rude behavior.

3. Struggles to stay active and remain sad most of the time.

4. Major change in nature without any obvious reason.

5. Over concerned about physical appearance and do not so healthy things to gain or lose weight.

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