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Freelancing meaning: Fiverr’s freelancers and online freelancing scams.

Fiverr has been dominating the freelancing market for quite a couple of times now. Upwork and Fiverr are the two most sought after platforms for hiring freelancers. These two platforms have been loved a lot so far by the solo founders as well as by many grown up startups. No doubt, these two platforms have made the game super easy for both the freelancers and the farms. However these platforms are not completely scam proven. We have been working with fiverr’s freelancers since our starting. The experience was quite good until the recent gig when we got scammed by one of the fiverr’s freelancers regarding web development work.

Fiverr's Freelancers
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Modern millennials are now highly interested towards opting for a career that gives them freedom over the typical nine to five. The biggest reason for this hype for freelancing is the shift of the mindset. Offbeat career choices are now getting high attention from the millennials. 21 st century is going to see a lot of changes. Job scene is going through a revolution now. Many offbeat choices are becoming mainstream. This is indeed a positive sign for those who keep their life at more priority than playing the conventional status game.

Online scams are quite common. We often used to hear about banking, credit card or amazon scams. But trust me, no platform is free from scammers. It's not about the quality of the platforms. Not exactly quality also. It depends completely on the type of the person using such platforms. Online service platforms are also not scam proven. The scam you may encounter in such platforms can be of different types. It may be of something like delivering without actually doing the tasks or others and the interesting part is you cannot do anything against this.

Fiverr’s freelancers scam( Things to be worried about:

Freelancing meaning:

Freelancing is the way of offering a service based on your skills at a personal level. Many college going kids are now opting for freelancing. Gone are the days when you had to work like a slave under someone for another one at an office. Modern millennials love freedom which no conventional job can ever offer. Freelancing meaning can be different for different professionals. But the core point of freelancing is the skills. If you have the skills, you will survive. The core philosophy is about finding something that genuinely interests you then being an expert at that skill followed by selling the skill in a relevant market.

The issue:

We have approached a freelancer for UI/UX designing for our site ( recently. The guy there at first failed to understand the requirements which is absolutely fine. Even after explaining multiple times about the project, he failed to get it or probably faked of not understanding it. He was approached for redesigning our homepage to improve the UI/UX. After failing to understand, it was decided to just fix a simple bug which could not be completed due to some limitations. Till now everything is fine. The issue is with the delivery. He delivered the project citing as completed. It got automatically accepted after three days. It's fine. There is a feature to request for further edits. Thats a good feature though. But as there was no way of completing the task from his side, it is meaningless to further approach him for the same task. The real problem with fiverr is that there remains very less option at the receiver's end.

The remedy:

See, no platform is free from scams. If you are using Fiverr, the first thing you must do is to research the freelancer, his experiences and achievements. It's highly important to have a conversation prior to ordering. It's always better if you can approach someone through personal recommendations.


Freelancing services have made the game super easy. If you want to work on some ideas, you now have all kinds of support. With all the facilities, there is a negative side too. Fiverr’s service is quite good. But you have to be aware of everything specifically if you are about to order some high rated service. Though most of such issues occur in services with low charges.

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