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Creative business name ideas: Why exploring creative business name ideas is highly important!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Creative business name ideas: Why exploring creative business name ideas is highly important for a startup!

India is going through a similar kind of situation in the startup ecosystem that the U.S saw during the revolution. Countless opportunities, extremely talented professionals and the growth mindset propelled the revolution in India. Everyday a number of startups get launched in India. It has become a trend now. Every kid in the engineering colleges wants to start his own company. But the question is, “Are we just following the trend or are we trying to solve some real world problems in the most unique way possible? Creative approach is highly important while starting a startup. It starts with figuring out the best from different creative business name ideas, finding out the best from various creative logo ideas or maybe choosing the best idea from different creative small business ideas. Creativity is the only factor that can help you stand apart from the crowd even in an ecosystem composed of similar ideas.

Creative business name ideas
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Humans love creativity. Even from the days of our childhood, we love doing things in a different way than that is presumed from us. A child's creativity can be seen in the drawings he makes. Our creative thinking capability gets restricted by the centuries old school education system. The present education system is only good for creating industry workers, not innovators. Innovation is a product of creative thinking.

Importance of creativity in innovation and startup:

Innovation is a creative process. Whether you are starting your own venture or you are trying to solve a real world problem, a creative approach is very essential in both cases.

Creative business name ideas:

Name is the first thing that attracts clients. The process of starting a company starts with buying the domain name. In most of the cases the companies get themselves registered as the domain name. In some cases, they definitely go with a different name for their company. A creative short domain name attracts the internet users. The name should be such that it generates curiosity among the users. Two syllable names are great for startups. The first syllable is for generating curiosity and the second syllable is for a glimpse of what the startup does. Let's take the example of What came first to your mind on listening to FlyingPepper? Maybe a glimpse of a food startup, a blog or a T-shirt merchandise company. But we are a content as well as a mentorship platform. That curiosity generation is very important with the name.

The importance of creativity is not just limited to the names. It's the way of operating the company, choosing projects and hiring professionals for the company. Creativity is the utmost essential during the process of selecting the best logo out of various creative logo ideas and even choosing the right approach while creating an advertisement in the video format from various creative shot ideas.

Creative approach in daily activities:

No college or course can teach you creativity. It's a skill. It starts getting developed even at the very early days of our childhood. Our surroundings, societies we are part of, the people we meet and how we react to various life situations, everything impacts our behaviour, thought process and the worldview. A creative mind is a product of all these.


Being creative is a skill and it can be sharpened. When you are not bound by any predetermined working procedures, you can get the best solutions with a creative approach. All the big MNCs don't endorse creative approaches to problem solving. Startups are different. Startups are all about solving the real world problems in the most unique, creative and effective way possible. When you look at any of the startup offices, you can feel the creative approach at every other corner of it. This gets reflected in their operation too. Most of the Indian startups have very unique and creative names. Creativity can be seen even at their logo designs. Most of the startups are targeting the user base of the millennials. Every other startup is trying to attract the millennials. Exploration of creative business ideas while choosing the right name for your company is the utmost essential.

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