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Boosting your Immunity your body's natural defense system

Immunity is one of the most highly associated terms with human health during this era of the Covid 19 pandemic. As from the earlier reports on these diseases which indicated that the Covid 19 virus has a severe impact on people who have a weaker immune system the searches on Google top on How to boost immunity? and other immunity booster aspects on food consumption and diet. Even today, almost two years after the pandemic broke out, the fact of immunity plays a crucial role in the health system.

Moreover, there have been many studies indicating its benefits on the effect of the coronavirus in the human body. Many scholarly articles have been published on the fact of immunity and its effect on the spread of the pandemic. With Delta variants as well as other new variants of the Coronavirus being discovered day by day, it's of sure that the role of immunity of human bodies is so crucial in the survival of the pandemic and many resources which have been completed as well as ongoing implicate that.

Let's now move on to understand what immunity initially is and the various aspects of it in the human body.

What is Immunity?

Immunity is defined as the capability of any living organism which will restrict the entry and the impact of any other organism or infections into the body. In the case of the human immune system, it can be defined as the complex network of cells, tissues, and proteins which are embedded or developed throughout the lifetime of a person which will protect or defend against any sort of infection. In addition, the immune system of humans has a memory that will understand the microbes which are entering for the second time. This is because the system registers a memory of the first entry of the microbe and how it was dealt with.

Today a rigorous study and research are being conducted in the aspect of immunity memory time in regards to the Covid 19 pandemic. As the Coronavirus cases are on the rise in the county with the infected citizens being infected again on a higher percentage, the studies on the immunity memory of the coronavirus is vital during these times to reveal the causes and preventive measures. Let's now move on to discuss the two types of immunity that all of you have studied in your school's biology classes; however, let's refresh the memory. There are two types of immune responses to a human body: active as well as passive immunity responses.

Active Immunity

Active immunity is when your body itself will produce antibodies that will fight against disease or an infection. Active immunity is either achieved naturally or by vaccination. An example will be the case of Chickenpox where once you are affected the changes if you get it again is very low. This is because your body has developed or received the antibody to fight it. In regards to Covid 19, the developed antibodies during the first infection on a person have been there as per the theory. However, the real scenario is different as the effect of these antibodies is unclear therefore, the reason for the person being affected with the virus a second time.

Passive Immunity

Passive immunity is obtained in a body when the antibodies needed for the protection are provided from outside mediums. These are not auto-developed in your body and have no memory retention power on fighting the external organism like the Active immunity. One example will be receiving plasma through a blood donor which has been crucial during the pandemic period. A person who has been infected with Coronavirus is asked to donate plasma that contains the antibodies to fight the virus. These are being provided to people with severe cases of the virus for a faster cure. A gentle reminder: if you have been infected by the coronavirus and are being cured you should visit the health care facility near you and donate your plasma.

How to boost immunity?

Although Immunity is an aspect of your body that is being developed internally you can act for its development with various aspects. Your lifestyle and routine along with food consumption will have a severe impact on the level of immunity that you have. Furthermore, heredity plays a crucial role in human immunity however, it is not an aspect that is not under your control and can be improved by making changes to your diet, lifestyle as well as other aspects of your life. Here are the various aspects of which are under your control helping you in immunity booster aspects.

Sleep well

Sleep is considered the best medicine for your body in terms of curing all diseases and longevity. The immunity of your body is well associated with sleep therefore you should follow a strict rule on sleeping more than 8 hours a day to generate immunity in your body and it will strengthen your natural immunity and will boost it.

Turn to a plant-based diet

Food plays a key role in boosting your immunity and when the Coronavirus epidemic broke out many of you searched on the internet for the best immunity boosting food products. Turning to a plant-based diet along with consumption of numerous whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and others that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants will provide an upper hand in boosting your immune system power. Consumption of citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and many more will aid it. Furthermore, the consumption of red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almonds, turmeric, sunflower seeds, papaya, and kiwi will aid as an immunity booster. Plant to include these in your regular diet. Additionally, the consumption of green tea will help in improving the immunity levels of your body as well as its rich in antioxidants.

Furthermore, consumption of poultry based food products such as chicken, duck and many more will aid in the proteins which will improve your immune system. The consumption of fish that are high in protein will also cater to it.

Limit your sugar intake