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Books to read in your 20s: 3 books you must read in your 20s.

Life in your 20s is the most exciting part of one's life. The 20s of one's life are the most important years in terms of career building and from other life perspectives. The habits you build during your early 20s will have great impacts on your coming years. Reading books is the best habit that you can build during your early 20s. Books are the most valuable jewel humanity has ever created. Habit of reading will help you grow mentally, psychologically and professionally. Instead of following the pop culture opinions, you must try different genres of books depending on your likes. There are a lot of great books to read in your 20s to have a clear perspective, proper knowledge and a better worldview.

Books to read in your 20s
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The Internet is probably the most powerful invention humanity has ever come across. Everything you can name is just a click away from you. Books are also not different. Kindle along with many audiobook platforms like Storytel have made book reading very easy. Availability is not an issue now. There are a lot of free books available online. The only thing you need is the interest in reading them.

5 books that are must for everyone to read in his/her 20s.

1. Sapiens:

This book by macro historian Yuval Noah harari rightfully deserves the first spot on any list of books to read in your 20s. Sapiens is all about us, our origins, evolutions and many revolutions we have come across as a species so far. From cognitive, agricultural to the ongoing AI revolutions, this book features the simplest form of explanations on our past and the expected projection of our future. How did humans appear on earth? Where did we first evolve? How did Homo Sapiens end up as the only species of humans on earth? How other species of humans disappeared? How did the concept of GOD appear among humans? How did the first human society form? All these questions are answered with perfect explanations on Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind.

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‘IKIGAI’ tells a story about the Okinawa island of Japan where the largest number of centenarians live and features decoding of the secrets of a long and happy life. IKIGAI is something for which you jump out of your bed in the morning. According to the author of the book Blue Zones: Lessons on living longer from the people who lived the longest, IKIGAI is the intersection of your values, things you like to do and the things you are good at.

Millennials often find themselves in super confused situations regarding career, about being at a job they are not liking or hustling hard to achieve something that they always dreamt of. This book can be a great help for those to choose the right path. IKIGAI is one of the most referred good books to read for teens too. The sooner you find your IKIGAI, the better will be your chances to achieve your dream and faster will be your journey towards happiness.

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3. 12 rules for life:

Dr Jordan Peterson is one of the most respected speakers and intellectuals on earth. A clinical psychologist by profession, Dr Peterson is well known for his unique expertise in articulation with perfection. 12 rules for life is one of the most talked about books among the knowledge seekers in psychology and philosophy. This book features 12 rules to live a great life. Every rule is backed by proper psychological explanations with historical and behavioral evidence. This book will make you think, tell you about the causes and science behind your various life events and will give you the required data points to create different perspectives towards life. If you are in your early 20s, or even in your late 20s, this book is a must for you to know the psychological secrets and hacks of your life.


Reading books is not a newly evolved hobby now. However, the convenience of reading has evolved a lot over these years. Besides hardcopies, cloud books and online books, even audiobooks have gained a lot of popularity amongst the readers over these years. There are many online platforms which offer free online books to read. These 3 books listed here are amongst the best books to read in your 20s which will give you better perspectives towards life, towards your surroundings and will help you to have a clear worldview.


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