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Trending:Best way to prepare for jee during this lockdown

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Lockdown has been extended till 3rd of may as announced by the prime minister.JEE mains and advanced of 2020 has already been postponed.Students preparing for JEE 2020 may be confused now regarding their studies.You can use the best of this lockdown to prepare some extra for your exam as you have some more days to your exam.JEE is the most crucial exam towards your professional life.As you already have prepared so hard for JEE 2020 throughout the year or more, these last days of preparation will have the most impact on your JEE results.

Most crucial time of any exam preparation is the time period just one or two months prior to the exam.Students make a lot of mistakes during this time period which impacts on their results to a high extent.As this lockdown will last for more than a month, students specifically those who will appear for JEE mains and advanced this year have some more days in their pockets.Use the best of this lockdown to prepare for JEE 2020.Trust me you will be one step ahead of others on your exam day.

Considering three possibilities regarding your preparation so far(as syllabus has been completed by now)

1.You have been performing excellent throughout the year and you are confident

2.You prepared well but not confident

3.You have been an average performer throughout the year

1.You have been performing excellent throughout the year and you are confident: You have completed your JEE syallabus by now and you are just revising all the concepts you have studied so far during this lockdown .Throughout the year, you have been performing excellent in your coaching classes,exams and mock tests.

The best ways to use this lockdown for your JEE preparation:

1.Revise all the concepts you have studied throughout your preparation time in coaching.

2.Donot try to learn any new concepts.

3.Attemt any random mock test or previous year question paper.

4.Take any random DPP from your coaching and solve it.If you are stuck by any problem, just read the concepts regarding the problem and solve it.

5.Daily practice at least three sheets from the three subjects(Physics,Chemistry and Math)

6.Dont feel stressed.

7.Drink minimum 3 litres of water daily.

8.Eat healthy meals and refrain from eating any junk food.

9.Meditate daily for 15 minutes prior to study

10.Listen to some soft songs for half an hour daily before going to sleep.This helps a lot to reduce stress.

2.You prepared well but not confident:This happens with many students when they go to appear in any exams specifically exams like JEE mains and advanced.They know the concepts, they have performed well throughout their preparation time in coaching classes but when the exam approaches, they feel anxious, tensed and stressed.Most of the students starts facing health issues like stomach pain, fever and headache during this time.

Best ways to prepare for JEE during this lockdown for students like you:

1.Revise all the concepts you have studied so far.

2.Take any random DPP ar question paper from your coaching or other media and start solving it.This will improve your confidence.When you solve any random problem from any question paper or mock test, your confidence level will increase.

3.Donot start any new chapter or concepts you have not studied during your preparation of JEE.Actually learning any new thing at this time will increase stress, anxiety and you automatically will start feeling low.

4.Daily practise 3/4 sheets from physics, chemistry and math.

5.Drink 3/4 litres of water daily.

6.Meditate for 10/15 minutes before going to study.

7.Sleep at least 6 hours daily

8.Listen to some soft songs fore nearly half an hour prior to your sleep.

9.Feel confident.You have studied everything and so there is no reason to worry.

10.Take it just as an exam where you have to give your 100%.thats it.

3.You have been an average performer throughout the year:You have been to a caching, attend the classes studied so hard throughout the year or more, but you have always been at the average on the result charts.This can be due to many reasons.Trust me, JEE is a pure mind game.If you play well you will succeed.JEE is not tough but it requires consistent hard work, confidence, and some smart tactics.Most of the students make it to IITs are average students(we are not considering the high IQ guys here).They make it to IITs because they could play with the concepts and they have always been hard worker.

The best way to do your preparation for JEE during this lockdown:

1.Revisit whatever you have studied.Read the concepts again and again and solve random problems regarding the concepts.This will increase your problem solving skill and confidence too. As lockdown will last for more than a month, this is the best opportunity for you to work hard and be well prepared for the exam.

2.Whatever you have performed during your coaching days actually does not matter much.You can utilise this lockdown time working so hard for preparing for JEE that you can surely be at on of the IITs later this year.

3.Dont loose your confidence level.Always believe that you can do it.JEE is just an exam and only things they will ask are the problems regarding the concepts you have studied.You have utilised this lockdown and prepared so well for your JEE exam that you can solve them easily to score the rank that will land you in one of the IITs.

4.Solve DPPs and sheets daily from your coaching or other sources.

5.Try to solve random problems from random sources.This will increase your confidence.

6.Attemt any all India level mock test.

7.Donot learn any new concept.Just keep revising all the concepts you have studied.

8.Eat healthy, drink plenty of water and feel confident.

9.Meditate daily before going to study.

10.Listen to some soft songs before going to sleep.

Whole country is under lockdown for a lime period of more than a month and we do not know till when it will last.As an aspirant for JEE 2020,you can utilise the best of this time for preparing for the exam.As these days are added as extra days prior to your exam, you should utilise the best of this time preparing so well that the result will land you at one of the IITs this year.

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