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Anchor podcasting: How to start podcasting? How can you get an audience?

How can I get an audience for my type of contents? This question came to my mind while searching about the ‘best microphone for podcasting’ on amazon. Anchor podcasting appeared as a solution in my mind. Podcasting is seeing a massive boom in this country amidst the pandemic. All major social channels are flooded with podcasts featuring different genres of contents. Everyone now wants to start podcasting channels. We have still very low audience share in the podcast segment. In the next coming years, we are going to see a very massive boom in this segment. Millennials often ask this question ‘how to start podcasting?’ in various social channels. But honestly saying, there is no such fixed formula of how to start podcasting. It depends completely on you, about your knowledge, thought process and worldviews.

Best microphone for podcasting
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Listening is one of the oldest skills of humans. Ancient humans used to communicate with each other in the form of sounds which later got converted into languages. We humans are more skilled with grabbing information by listening than reading. Writing & reading are very new skills compared to listening. All the mythological stories, stories of the Gods and various social values got transmitted from generations to generations as a result of sharing and listening.

Radio channels were used to be very popular in this country prior to the introduction of television in India. Even during the days of television, radio was still a favourite choice of the indian youth of that era. 90s kids were the last generation of kids to be fans of radio channels. The recent introduction of FM channels by various radio networks all over the country got immense attention from the millennials. The game is all about catching the vibe. FM channels have been successful in catching the vibe with the millennials.

The audio space of the country has seen the biggest revolution so far during the days of nationwide coronavirus lockdown. Millennials got enough time to consume various genres of contents in different formats. Audio contents became very successful recently be it in the form of Lo-fi music playlists or in the form of some long duration podcast shows. Authentic, informative and engaging podcast shows have gained tremendous attention from the indian millennials in recent days. Everyone is now interested to have a podcast show by his/her name.

But the question still remains, How to start podcasting?

There is no such perfect answer for how to start podcasting? The success of a podcast show depends highly on many factors like audio quality, background music, graphic design and the overall production quality. But, what matters most is the quality of contents. How much value you are able to share and how deep you can cover a topic are two of the matrices we must focus to create an impact through our podcast. Audio quality is an important segment. You don't need the best microphone for podcasting. A cell phone/ laptop with a decent microphone is enough to start your journey. Distribution and other after production elements are crucial But don't worry. We have a solution here.

So no more excuses. Anchor podcasting is the solution to all of your problems here.

Podcasting is already a very popular form of content in many western countries along with the US. From an Indian perspective, it's still a very new thing. We just got familiar with the concept of podcasting. The best thing is that many homegrown apps and companies are now focussing on podcast production and providing platforms for podcast creation. Anyone if you want to start podcasting, he/she has all the resources and support available now at just some clicks away. is a great platform for podcasters. It gives you the freedom of creation and all the required support for production and distribution.

So, how to start podcasting?

Podcasting is nowhere a tough game now. Definitely competition is very high, but we can still win the game with authentic, original and quality contents. It's up to us how much we become successful leveraging all the support available online.

1. The pre-recording part:

The most crucial part of a podcast creation is the pre-recording part. Conceptualisation and finalisation of topics, drawing a layout and creating a visualisation in mind are the pre-recording parts of any podcast. The quality and success of a podcast depend a lot on the pre-recording activities. It's better to start with something you are familiar with, have in depth knowledge and you are highly interested to talk about.

2. The recording part:

Most of the millennials hesitate to start podcasting citing the unavailability of high end resources. This is just a way of escapism. You just need a microphone and nothing else. Anchor podcasting helps you with this. It comes with an online recorder. The rawer your podcast, the more probability of it becoming hit. Don't waste your time searching about the best microphone for podcasting, start with whatever the minimum resources you have with you right now. The most crucial part is starting. Once you start, you will figure out everything on the way.

3. Maintaining the flow:

Now you have started. You have the topic in your mind and now have entered the recording part. Everything is sorted now, right? Ah, not exactly! You have selected a very cool topic and are planning to explain it in an insightful manner. Quite cool to hear that. But now the game will be decided by the flow. It doesn't mean that you need a bollywoody kind of dialogue delivery skill. If you can continue with your normal talking style throughout the session, you will be a winner. The game is all about being real and maintaining a constant flow throughout the session.


We have had an amazing journey throughout this blog. We have started with the question ‘how to start podcasting?’ and now we have an idea about how to start and what to look after in podcasting. It's a game of contents. Like every other genre of content creation, podcasting also comes up with single criteria for success, that is the quality. Quality matters. Production quality comes secondary, the quality of contents and how much value you are creating and how much impact you are generating through your contents are everything. So, don't wait for the best microphone for podcasting, start with whatever you have with you right now and eventually your game will be upgraded if you can be consistent.

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