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Amazon enters the edtech sector with it's launching of 'JEE ready' app ~ FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

The e-commerce giant Amazon entered into a new genre with it's launching of its first edtech app 'JEE READY'.Launched in last month,the app got nearly 1K installs so far.Users can log in with their Amazon IDs and some details like their target year and name of coaching they are enrolled .Users can take mock tests and they can also compare their results with other users listed on the app.

Indian edtech market is nearly 1.7 billion dollar market with some Giants like Bijus,Unacademy, etc.Most of the edtech startups in India are now going towards artificial intelligence.

As per reports,there are more than 3000 startups currently operating in India.Of them 182 startups we're founded with $1.34 bn.As the market is large and promising and government also encouraging startups,Giants like Amazon are trying to disrupt the market. It will be interesting to see how Amazon competes with the challenges they have to face from the home grown Giants like Bijus,Unacademy,Vedantu etc.

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Feb 10, 2023

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