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9 Effective ways to deal with burnout

What is burnout?

Burnout is a state of inner conflict caused due to mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion.

The loss of balance between work and life can result in excessive stress. This continuity in

stress when left untreated for a longer duration of time may leave you exhausted, overwhelmed,

demotivated, or what we call it together, ‘Burnout’.

What is burnout?
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If you have been feeling drained, exhausted, helpless, negative, and lack motivation at the

same time, you may be a patient to this mental state called Burnout. In this blog post, we will

walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to identify and treat burnout in the most effective

ways possible and bring your life back to track with full enthusiasm and motivation.

What are the causes of burnout?

There are a number of things that can contribute to burnout, some of them are listed below.

1. Having a monotonous lifestyle

2. Not taking enough break from work

3. Having negative mindset

4. Working too much

5. Bad food and sleep habits

What are the signs and symptoms of burnout?

Read the points below and keep a check if you feel any of these.

1. You lack motivation in all aspects of your life

2. You feel overwhelmed

3. You don’t feel good enough

4. You feel drained and tired most of the time

5. You feel lonely and disconnected

6. You often look for escape and isolate yourself from people around you

7. You procrastinate a lot and you are not aware of the reason behind it

If these sound like you and you are looking for answers to these situations, keep reading.


Before we proceed on how to bring your mental peace back in life, I want you to know that it’s

completely OK to feel this way. Burnout can happen to anyone, irrespective of their age. You

can easily recognize and work on it to make your life better.

How to overcome burnout?

1. Recognize that you are having burnout- Acknowledgement is the first step that will help

you to tackle burnout. Notice each and every sign your body and mind give you.

2. Address the cause- Once you know you are facing burnout, try to know the cause

behind it. Is it because you have been working too much? Or maybe you haven’t slept

properly. The reason could be anything but you have to know it in order to overcome it.

3. Work on it- Now is the time to take care of yourself and take every step to overcome



Here are 9 effective ways to deal with burnout-

1. Reach out for help-

Talk to your family members, friends, or if needed an expert. Reaching out to the right kind of people will help you the most in overcoming burnout and improve your mental exhaustion. It’s completely ok to feel what you are feeling right now. Listen to your body and take into account every sign. Reach out to people who can listen and help you.


2. Avoid anything and everything that causes negativity-

Having negativity around in any point in life isn’t a good sign. Negativity affects our peace of mind and builds a negative aura around us. Let go of anything and everything that doesn’t make you feel your best. Or if not the best, make sure it doesn’t make you feel the worst.