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6 easy ways to declutter mentally in 2021!!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Physical clutter is immensely bothering but do you know what’s worse, mental clutter.

If your mind is not in the right space, nothing feels right. Why do you think it's highly recommended by experts worldwide to have a clear mind?? A decluttered mind lets you think straight, be productive, and have a happier life state.

Unfortunately, the times we are living in, being busy all the time, and having massive to-do lists are glorified and confused with being productive. In this process, we have completely lost touch with the feeling of being at peace mentally and doing what helps us stay sane mentally without seeking validation.

Throughout the 24 hours, there is always something that needs your attention at all times and you know what this leads to????

It leads to Mental chaos that in turn leaves you exhausted and low on enthusiasm to do anything further.

Mental Declutter
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You have been living with so much mental clutter for so long that it has become a habit but, living a life that continuously requires you to churn thoughts one after another is sad, and you do have a way out of this dreaded lifestyle. Read till the end to know how!!

There are ways which if slowly made a part of your lifestyle, can help you feel more at peace mentally which will reflect in the way you perceive your daily life thereafter.

Imagine that feeling when you don’t have thoughts nagging you, haunting you at all times and you can be free of their claws. Sounds peaceful right??

So here’s how you can go about your way to mental declutter in 2021-

Declutter your physical surrounding- This is kind of a no-brainer here, as seeing less physical clutter makes you feel calmer mentally. If I ask you to imagine a space where you would like to spend most of your time, you most definitely won’t imagine a place with clutter, right?? Clear spaces help you feel organized mentally. A simple decluttering routine will help you focus on tasks with a better headspace and you will feel more productive. Before you start to work on something that needs absolute focus make sure to clear the clutter out of that space and notice the difference.

Brain Dump- This is kind of underrated with immense benefits. Do not confuse brain dumping with to-do lists, as while brain dumping helps you sort all kinds of thoughts orbiting your brain, unlike to-do lists which help you sort the tasks to be done in a day. You will yourself realize what all comes out on the paper once you start writing, all the thoughts, conscious, subconscious slowly keep coming through and your head starts to feel lighter with every thought that exits. You hardly realize what all you keep on storing inside your head and once it's all on paper or a digital notepad the space is free and decluttered. A good brain dump session prevents your brain from fogging with undone tasks, pending to-dos,

missed appointments and helps you sort through them one at a time. Try this method and thank me later.

To-do lists- Well, we all know the importance of having a to-do list, but maybe you are doing it all wrong, hear me out on this one. It's good to have everything written in front of you but there is only so much you can do in one day. While I can relate to the ecstatic feeling of ticking off all the tasks from your to-do list, not being able to do it all leaves us feeling unaccomplished.

Making a realistic to-do list is what you need to do. List out all your tasks from the most important to the least important and work your way down to the list as you keep completing the most important ones. You can also try giving yourself the top 3 tasks of the day and when you complete those, you can attend the others. There are tasks like workout which are crucial but still get procrastinated, for these, you can apply the “Eat that frog” method by Brian Tracy, where she explains that doing the task that looks difficult the very first thing in the morning is the best way to get it done.

Meditation & Deep Breathing- Now this one has a big myth attached to it, and it goes like for meditation you need a clear mind and no thoughts…NO!! Nothing like that, in fact with meditation you can be aware and in sync with your thoughts, get to know how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Meditating along with deep breathing where you focus on your inhaling and exhaling helps you to feel centered and away from the chaos that goes on in the outer world even if for few minutes. You must have noticed that how the day goes by without you getting even 10 minutes just with yourself. Let me tell you the feeling is mutual. Meditation and deep breathing even for ten minutes every day will be immensely helpful for you to clear your head and settle your thoughts.

Avoid multitasking- Doing multiple tasks at a time not only strains you physically but mentally too. You end up being less efficient and productive at either of the tasks, as your brain is wired to focus and deliver better for one task at a time. You may feel that being a multi-tasker makes you better than others or special in some way, but no you only end up pressurizing yourself and increasing your mental clutter. Focus on one thing at a time, avoid answering that email while having your lunch, avoid looking at notifications while at a client meeting. Being 100% present with what you are doing keeps you sane and increases productivity.

Consume social media content intentionally- I sure kept the best for the last. Now I will not ask you to go on a digital detox, do that if you successfully can, but I also know that social media is a necessary evil in all our lives. So, what I suggest is that you consume the content on social media intentionally, follow people and pages that can add some value to your life, either in form of entertainment or information. While browsing you are hit with a lot of random information which again piles up in your mind and these thoughts keep coming back to you, therefore if you consume the content intentionally, you will see that it's more of value add than your time and energy being drained.

Having a mind that’s at peace is a real struggle but essential. The suggestions above are really basic and simple but if applied daily can help you achieve a decluttered mind. Once your mind is not fogged with multiple thoughts and scenarios, you make space for thoughts that help you grow, you can come up with ideas that will help you feel better and evolve. And with a cluttered mind, all you will be is stuck in the rut of daily monotony. A life that will have you going round and round in circles without reaching a destination.

So are you ready to take charge of your day and life with a peaceful mind?? Comment YES below and we will cheer for you!!

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