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5 songs you likely have forgotten once you were a fan of~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

"Music evokes so many feelings in us memories,nostalogia,things that are connected to your past".-Olga Kurylenko

Some songs we used to listen on loop in our school and college days we don't listen them now maybe they are not relevant or our tastes have changed over the years. We have made a list of five songs that will make you nostalogic and will take you to your past.Wear your earphone,close your eyes and enjoy the journey.

1.O Meri jaan by KK

2.Mausam Suhana by Zubeen

3.Zara Sa by KK

4.Tere Bina by Mustafa Zahid

5. Kahin To by Rashid Ali

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