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10 indie bands you must listen to before you turn 25~FlyingPepper

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

'What type of Indian music you listen to? ' If I ask you this question ,the answer is probably Bollywood or Punjabi for most of you. I too enjoy Bollywood and Punjabi music. Bollywood has become lifeline for Indian common people when it comes to music or movie. Whatever may be the situation you are in ,there is always some Bollywood songs playing in your mind. But parallelly there are some amazing Indie artists and Indie bands whom you probably have not listened yet. We at FlyingPaper have listed out 10 amazing Indie bands of present era whom you must listen to before you turn 25.These bands have created a new era of indie music against all the commercial tunes.Check this out here.

1. The Local Train

This Hindi rock band formed in 2008 in Chandigarh known for its emphatic lyrics which are blend of Urdu and Hindi are presently one of the most famous band amongst the youth of India.The band consists of four members Roman Negi(vocals), Paras Thakur(lead guitar),Ramit Mehra(Bass), and Sahil Sarin (Drums). This band has tremendous stage presence at almost all the prominant college fests across the country. Their first album 'Alas Ka Pedh' released in 2015 is a massive hit.Some of their songs like 'Aaoge Tum Kabhi' , 'Choo Lo', ' Dil Mere' are huge success.This band is a must listen for you if you like quality music with meaningful lyrics.

2. Swastik The Band

This alternative rock band from Chandigarh has created a new landscape in the indie music scene by its artistic lyrics with the catchy meaningful tunes. The band was found by Rohit Joshi an amazing guitar player and songwriter himself. Their song 'Kuch Bhi Karlo' stayed in the top charts of MTV Indies. The band consists of Rohit Joshi(lead guitars/songwriter), Hardeep Singh(classical vocals), Vipul Chopda(lead Vocals/front man), Mohit Nainar (Drums),Rahul Bhatt (Percussions), Bharat (Flute), Avneesh Sharma (bass guitar).This band is a must listen for you.

3. Nalayak The band

This band is most sought after band after 'The Local Train' for college fests across the country.This Chandigarh based rock band is making waves with their tracks like 'Bawra' and 'Manmarziyan' in various college fests across the country with their energetic stage presence. This band has Sahil Samuel(Vocalist and frontman), Akshat kakar(Lead Guitar and backing vocals), Garry Singh(Drummer and manager) and Aashish kalanta(Bassist).This band has explosive presence on stages of various prominent college fests of the country.This band should defiantly be in your bucket list.

4.Sifar Band

'Sifar' is a rock band from Delhi formed in 2008 by Singer,songwriter Amit Yadav.This four member band has Amit Yadav(vocals), Anshul Bansal, Deepak Singh, Sachin Mittra. this band won the 'Best rock Band' award in the IndiGo Music Awards in 2011.Their tracks like 'Main Jaaonga', 'Kala Aasman' are must listen for you.


Soulmate is India's first blues rock band formed in Shillong in 2003.This band is a must listen for those who loves blues. The band is made up of Rudy Wallang( guitar/vocals/songwrite) and Tipriti Tips Kharbangar (vocals/guitar) .They frequently team up with season musicians on drums, bass, organ and other backup instruments on tour. Here is a song by them you can take a test of.

6. Ankur Tiwari And The Ghalat Family

Ankur Tiwari And The Ghalat Family is a Hindi rock project from Mumbai formed in 2009.Their band members are Sidd Coutto(Drums), Johan Paris(on bass), Gaurav Gupta(on guitar) and Vivaan Kapoor(on percussions). Their songs carry a 90s feel in their compositions with easy lyrics and simple tunes that will carry you into your dreams.Their debut album' Jannat' was released independently in 2010.


A Carnatic Progressive Rock band with well accomplished tunes is a must listen for you.This band was formed in 2003 in Bangalore. The current lineup of the band consists of Harish Sivaramakrishan(vocals), Swamy Seetharaman (keyboards and lyricist), T Praveen Kumar (lead guitar), Aditya Kashyap (bass guitar and backing vocals), Sivakumar Nagarajan (ethnic percussions), Jagadish Natarajan (rhythm guitar) and Yadhunandan (drummer).You can add this band too in your playlist.

8. When Chai Met Toast

This band from the coconut city Kochi is known for its happy tunes which can surely turn your mood to a happy one in a bad day.This band consists of Pai Sailesh on drums, Palee Francis on the keyboard, Achyuth Jaigopal on guitar and bonjos and Aswin Gopakumar is the lead vocalist. This band describe their genre as 'happy' as they work in indie folk alternative genre.

9.Kaash The Band

Kaash is a Delhi based rock band consisting a group of five members.They enjoy blending western rock with Indian touch which delivers a sound that reflects emotions, culture and times.Kaash has Viren(vocals), Shivam (keyboards), Nishant (guitars), Sonic(bass) and Nirvan (Drums). You can check their song'Main Laut Aaunga' here.

10.Dream Note

'Dream Note' is a Hindi rock band from Jaipur,India formed in 2014 by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh. They have Gaurav Tiwari on vocals, Sachin Singh on drums, Yash Verma on piano and Taresh Agarwal on guitars.

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